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August, 2009:

We Are Mongrels

It’s a new puppet TV show coming to British television called We Are Mongrels, and it’s being marketed by the BBC as “Avenue Q meets Family Guy“. This is from Furtean Times ( “British digital TV channel BBC Three has commissioned an adult puppet series featuring anthropomorphic animals. We Are Mongrels follows the exploits of a country fox who decides to discover ‘the real wild life’ in the city. He therefore travels to the Isle of Dogs and meets up with a range of different characters including a ‘sexy’ Afghan hound whom he falls in love with, a street cat, and a sarcastic pigeon from Blackburn. The series is the creation of Adam Miller, who is one of the directors on Taking the Flak, the currently broadcast BBC Two comedy drama set in an African war zone, and the ITV2 sketch series Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show. Miller will also act as the director of We Are Mongrels. Stephen McCrumb will be executive producer. McCrumb told Broadcast magazine that he and Miller had ‘a shared love of puppets and the desire to do something ambitious in British comedy, outside of live action’. The series will be broadcast next year [2010] and will be written by Jon Brown. In a unbroadcast pilot for the show, the voice of the fox was played by Rufus Hound, Lucy Montgomery played the Afghan, and Katy Brand played the pigeon. While it is hoped that the actors will return to play their roles, it has not yet been confirmed if they will.”

It’s called “Mink”

The first novel by Robyn Rolison-Hanna, entitled Mink, is out now in  paperback from Arctic Wolf Publishing. This is from the web site ( “Count Zeto Pantaleone Ulderico is a pampered and coddled mink noble whose spoiled and privilege life comes to a screeching halt when he and his cousin, Muccino, are trapped and taken by Guiseppe Tucci to his mink farm. Plagued with night blindness and no ability to track or scent, Zeto can no longer depend on his name or position. With the aid of the beautiful mink named Ardrianna and a cast of fellow cellmates, they attempt an escape in hopes of obtaining freedom before they become articles of fashion in Milan’s haute couture. Set in Italy’s Apennine Mountains, Mink is a stirring tale of adventure, courage and the quest for survival. It follows this very special mink on his journey through harrowing trials posed by adversaries and predators. It is about pathways and bridges that must be crossed against incredible odds.” The book is illustrated by Olga Dunayeva, and more of her work can be seen at the web site also. Mink can be ordered on line through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

Burning Wild

Another hot animal-themed erotic romance novel… Burning Wild by Christine Feehan (out now in paperback, from Jove) tells the story of Jake Bannacotti. One of the world’s richest and most ruthless men, Jake also has the ability to shape-shift into a leopard. He is feared by all who know him… until the day when he rescues a young woman named Emma from a firey car crash.  Taking her to his secluded ranch to heal, he soon finds himself falling prey to passions that his instincts as a hunter have not prepared him for…