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April, 2013:

May Your Art Be Beefy

And yet more designer toys, clothes, and art, this time from an outfit known as Beefy & Co. “Established in 2011 by designer, illustrator, modeler & animator Menh Voong, ushered a new fusion of iconic art. Inspired by generations of comic superheros, animations and illustrations merging with today’s Pop Culture, the passion is instilled in each limited piece of artwork. Artistic and collectible, the new age of art influences dominate the brand Beefy & Co.” You heard it here folks. Check out their latest designs at

image c. 2013 Beefy & Co.

The Kingdom of Big Bunnies

It’s called Fat Rabbit Farm — and that explains it pretty well. “Fat Rabbit Farm is a magical, floating kingdom inhabited by spontaneous and adventurous  friends, including a fluffy bunny who loves ice cream, a lone pirate bunny who sailed from  beyond the skies, a quiet little turtle, and a bad tempered mushroom.” Created by Jason Ponggasam and Patty Variboa, two independent artists and designers, Fat Rabbit Farm is a showcase for their posters, t-shirts, original toys, and storybooks. Find it all at

image c. 2013 Fat Rabbit Farm

Ratchet & Clank: The Movie

After a wildly successful run of Ratchet & Clank releases for the Sony Playstation, Insomniac Games have announced they are teaming up with Sony Computer Entertainment, Rainmaker Entertainment, and Blockade Entertainment to bring the planet-hopping lombax and his little robot companion to the big screen in a brand-new CGI animated film — set to be released in 2015.  According to an article in Forbes, Insomniac’s own TJ Fixman will be lead writer on the film, and voice talent will feature James A. Taylor as Ratchet, David Kaye as Clank, and Jim Ward as the lumbering human Qwark — all of whom are well-known from the game series. The article on-line also features a new teaser-trailer for the upcoming film.

image c. 2013 Insomniac Games

Here There Be Unicorns

Unicornatopia is a collection of artists, craft-makers, and enthusiasts dedicated to the lore of the unicorn — from Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn to My Little Pony and beyond. To that end they maintain a unicorn-themed web site, and also travel in groups to various fannish conventions to sell not only artwork but custom-made wearable unicorn horns and other crafts. Their web site is, and it includes numerous links to other unicorn-themed sites as well as various artists associated with the group.

image c. 2012 Unicornatopia

The Girls and their Monsters

Stephanie Gladden is a multi-talented artist and cartoonist, best known for her work on licensed properties like tie-in comics for The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, Looney Tunes, The Powerpuff Girls and Tom & Jerry. Furry fans, however, might know her best for her original creator-owned comic book series Hopster’s Tracks from the late 90’s. Well now, Stephanie has created her first on-line comic series, The Girls of Monster Paradise.  You know all those old Sci Fi and Horror movies where the monsters show up and grab a screaming pretty girl, then drag her off slung over their shoulder?  Just what do they do with those women? Do they eat them? Do they let them go? Neither! They take them to Monster Paradise, a tropical island where the party never ends — and where the girls stick around because they like their cool new monster friends! Find out all about it on-line here.

image c. 2013 by Stephanie Gladden

The Professor and his Friends

Also from Creative Mind Energy comes The Adventures of Professor Wallaby, a series of illustrated books for young readers by two of the minds behind CME: Damian Wassel (story) and Nathan Gooden (art). “One quiet spring morning, on the far, far  side of the island of Roo, an old wizard, Professor Wallaby, wakes to find Yazz, a helpless yak, caught by a gang of rats. Little does the Professor know that this mornin will spark a long series of adventures for him and his new friend. Filled with ancient secrets, dazzling warriors, fearsome pirates, close calls, and struggles of magic and might with a dark wizard seeking revenge, The Adventures of Professor Wallaby spans nine books, showing us all the true power of friendship”. Again, find out more at the CME web site.

image c. 2013 Creative Mind Energy

Wolves After The Fall

Creative Mind Energy (CME) describe themselves as “a creative consortium of artists, designers, inventors, story-tellers and writers who pool their educations, talents and creative abilities to bring outstanding new products to all media markets and industries”. To that end they have several comic book series in various stages of development — and several of them are Furry in nature. First up is The Gifted, a largely black & white comic book with water-color style illustrations. According to the CME blog, “The Gifted is set in a dystopian future, in which humans have devastated the earth. What animals remain endure a barren, dangerous existence, constantly being hunted and exterminated by man. But some of the animals find themselves gifted with sophisticated intelligence and the power of speech, and rise up against man to protect their earth.” The first issue will be available at their on-line store soon. Visit their web site to find out more about this and other upcoming titles.

image c. 2013 by CME

Arm the Animals

Arm the Animals is a group with a simple mission: “Create killer T-Shirts that make a statement and generate funds for small, struggling animal rescues.” To that end they offer a full line of t-shirts, hats, posters, and fashion accessories, all illustrated with an eye for AAA — that stands for animals, artistry, and attitude! Check out their web site to find their latest designs, which they are constantly adding to. They also make the rounds at several comic book conventions and pet shows as well. Their front page includes profiles of several of the animal rescue organizations they are currently helping to fund.

image c. 2013 Arm the Animals

Rock ‘n’ Roll Cats — And Their Friends

Furry Feline Creatives (cool name!) is the creation of Cheri Ong and Alvin Ong. Part-time musicians themselves, the Ongs have started an on-line store for their original posters, plushies, and 3D works of rock ‘n’ roll cats and other cartoony animal characters. They even do custom illustrated shoes! Check out their web site at

image c. 2013 Furry Feline Creatives