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Welcome to, your source for all the latest STUFF of interest to furry, anthropomorphic, and funny animal fans the world over.  What sort of stuff?  We’ll keep you informed of new movies, TV shows, DVD releases, comic books and graphic novels, story collections, art how-to books, furry and furry-friendly conventions, awards, costume events… everything a fan might want to know about ahead of time. As soon as we find it, we pass it along to you! How do we do that?  Our team of researchers scour the globe looking for new things and events of interest to furry fans.  And who’s on that team?  Us… and you! If you know about some cool upcoming things that funny animal fanatics might want to see – and buy! – then write to us! Contact our head writer at his e-mail,  And thank you for helping us to make as useful as the In-Fur-Nation newsletter has been for nearly two decades!

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