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September, 2010:


It’s an anthro-themed web novel series called Tasakeru, created and written by Brian Stanley. Here’s what Brian himself had to say: “The Tasakeru website has recently broken 11,000 hits and won distinction in the annual Web Series Writing Month competition. The aim of the story is to do something very different with the ‘talking animals’ genre: Using warring mammal species as allegories for human conflict. It’s chiefly inspired by [Brian Jacques’] Redwall, but unlike the latter series there are no clear-cut good and evil species. The story focuses on a group called the Outcasts, who have been banished from society but will eventually affect the survival of their world…” The Tasakeru website also features helpful background information on the story and characters, as well as a gallery of illustrations and fan art.

The Beaver in the Man Hat

The Beaver in the Man Hat is the notably weird name of a notably weird web comic, created by a fellow known as Moose Mattson. He describes it as “a noir-ish action comedic fantastical adventure”. Our top-hatted beaver hero and his sidekick Moe (a mole with an odd sense of humor) do battle with the evil platypus known as… Dr. Pus! You gotta see this to believe it. And even then…

Monkeys at the Mountains of Madness?

Chet Phillips is an artist and writer who has created something that combines aspects of steam-punk, pulp adventure novels, and H.P. Lovecraft… with monkeys. Here’s how he describes it: “The Society of Sinister Simians explores the mysterious world of an evil collection of vicious and power hungry primates that held sway over the land centuries ago. Thanks to the efforts of the ill-fated Sourcrust archeological dig of 1887, details of this foul organization have finally come to light. In this book you will learn of The Society’s immortal leader, his powerful and brutal cadre of ministers and advisors as well as a variety of assassins, spies, soldiers and frightful supernatural figures.” The Society of Sinister Simians is available as a 122-page full-color paperback book, and also as a trading card set with a poster puzzle on the reverse side. A signed, limited edition hand-bound hardback edition is currently out of print (as of this writing), but you can visit Mr. Phillips’ web site to find out when it might be reprinted. There’s also examples of Chet’s numerous other funny-animal art projects.

image c. 2010 Chet Phillips

Furries on the Radio?

In Southern California there is a mixed-format radio station, 93.1 FM, which is part of the Jack FM franchise. It’s an automatic station with no DJ’s that plays no requests. The station’s official slogan is “Playing What We Want”. Recently, this bumper appeared between songs on the station: “Just like being a Furry or canning your own tomatoes, playing what we want is a way of life”. Wow.

Where Cute Things Go, in their own words, “features one-of-a-kind original designs and character merchandise inspired by life, laughter, and the pursuit of cuteness. There is a story behind every character — a life of whimsy and simplicity sure to set a smile on your face”.Though characters like Fat Cat, The Evil Landlord (a chibi raccoon fem), Pudge the Pug, and Kyoot Bear look like they stepped right out of Japanese culture, Bekyoot is actually based in Houston, Texas. Besides their web site they have an on-line comic strip (Where Cute Things Go) and of course a store full of merchandise featuring their characters.