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… aaaaand we’re back!

After taking near a month to recover from helping out at CaliFur.5 (which went very well, by the way), your ever-loving ed-otter has a lot of information to catch up with!  It’s getting to be a busy furry summer. Let’s get to it shall we?

Catching up!

Hello there, furry fandom readers!  Please “bear” with us while we play catch-up on some older information here at In-Fur-Nation — and, while our tireless (but rather tired) ed-otter studies to learn this WordPress Blog thingee.  Needless to say, we’re still working on the format… and, needless to say, if you’re good at WordPress, we’d love to have your help!  We want this to stay THE place that furry fans old and new come for the latest info about furry-themed movies, comics, TV series, web sites, books, and more!

Thanks for making the journey with us.