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Dragon Crafts

Happy New Year! Before we get too far away from 2022, we want to let you know about some cool things we found at Midwest FurFest last month. Among them was an artist who goes by the name of Straya Obscura. They specialize in dragons, all sorts of colors, all sorts of media: Standees, custom pins, prints, and so forth. But more recently they’ve branched out into a new and rather unique form of craft: Ita bags and “wing wallets”. It’s all part of the Dragon Companion series. Visit their web site to find out more, but be prepared to spend some time there — they have a lot of different designs!

image c. 2022 by Straya Obscura

Beasts From A Master

We’ll admit it: We don’t recall this artist. But maybe we should learn more! And now we can, thanks to The Sergio Toppi Gallery: Bestiary. “This collection of artwork from European comics master Sergio Toppi focuses on illustrations of beasts both real and imaginary, presented in Toppi’s inimitable pen-and-ink style. Sergio Toppi’s work has been hailed as an influence by such artistic masters as Sean Gordon Murphy and Walter Simonson.” Magnetic Press has preview pages for this hardcover edition. [And with that, we wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Blessed Solstice Season!]

image c. 2022 Magnetic Press

Psychedelic Pfurries

Another artist we met at MidWest FurFest was Mal Hodgkin. They describe themselves and their work like this: “I like to create work of mostly animals and creatures and make them all the wrong colors! I’m inspired by psychedelic/70’s art, animation, old world illustration, and tattoo design.” You can definitely see those influences on their web site! What’s more, you can take home the results on t-shirts, hats, patches, and other goodies available through their Etsy store.

image c. 2022 by Mal Hodgkin

Creatures, Piece by Piece

Judith Peterson describes her background as coming from education and library science. But along the way she’s found an interesting hobby: Carving original 3D puzzles out of wood. Lucky for us, most of her designs are animals: Current, prehistoric, or mythical. The puzzles range in complexity from 3 pieces to 57 pieces (!). She and her husband have even written books on how to create wooden puzzles using scroll saws. We found them vending at Midwest FurFest, but you can check out FanTaminals’ web site to see the latest designs.

image c. 2022 FanTaminals

Midwest Wyvern

Among the many amazing artist we met at Midwest FurFest was Lindsey Burcar — who is actually from that part of the continent herself. “Lindsey Burcar is a self-taught freelance illustrator working from her home in Milwaukee, WI. Inspired by all things fantasy and nature, beast and creature, her travels and exploration of the natural world are a pivotal part of her life and art.” If you visit her official web site you can find links to her Inprnt shop, featuring some very high-quality prints of her art — as well as her Etsy shop, where you’ll find not only prints but pins, stickers, and other artistic goodies she has for sale.

image c. 2022 by Lindsey Burcar

Truly Independent Animation

Happy Halloween — and blessed Day of the Dead! At Lightbox this year we came across a new animated project called Stormfellers, created by professional character designer Brookes Eggleston. At their web site there’s a YouTube video detailing the genesis of the story, and the world, and most importantly the characters. Stormfellers are “A rough and tumble gang of misfits protect their island from the ravages of constant monster-like Storms. There’s Aecious the Storm Conduit, Quilver the Quilled Marksman, Glangor the Heavy, and Biko the Field-Medic.” Brookes has even created a plushie toy of Biko the healer. There’s also a whole gallery of character designs from this and other projects.

image c. 2022 by Brookes Eggleston

Helping Real Animals in the Real World

Expedition Art is an art group on a mission. Here’s how they describe themselves: “Expedition Art is a global collaborative of artists who have joined together to raise awareness for wildlife and nature conservation through art. Our company works with other non-profit organizations focused on conservation and helps them educate others through the power of visual communication.” To those ends they sponsor illustration contests, wildlife art workshops at conventions and other events, and even real-life drawing field trips into the wild. Their web site has lots of art examples, as well as instructional videos.

image c. 2022 by Ester Conceicao

Furries and Fungus

Recently we made a trip to this year’s Lightbox animation industry trade-show in Pasadena, California. We met a lot of very cool and talented artists, including Shawn E. Russell. Here’s how her web site describes her: “Shawn is a wildlife and imaginative realism artist specializing in creating detailed depictions of animals melded with plants and fungi in symbiotic relationships… Shawn has worked with independent board game creators, food & beverage packaging, & private art collectors. She offers her personal work for sale online and at art fairs, comic/anime conventions across the US where she enjoys connecting with fans, collectors, and clients in person.” As you can see, the artist works a lot in highly detailed black-and-white. If you happen to find yourself in Terre Haute, Indiana, make sure to visit their personal gallery called Seek.

image c. 2022 by Shawn E. Russell

Beauty in Complexity

Another art crew we met at WonderCon goes by the name of Star Salts — interesting, hmm? Jackie (artist!) and Ian (manager!) specialize in densely complex tapestries featuring pokemon, anime creatures, and other popular cartoon subjects. Then those designs become part of their line of Hawaiian-style shirts, lanyards, pillow cases, and even (how timely!) face-masks. They’ve also branched out into enamel pins and such. Visit their web site to see the latest.

image c. 2022 by Star Salts