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July, 2012:

Shut Up and Watch These!

Shut Up Cartoons is a YouTube channel of original animated series put together by the Smosh Channel, which claims to be the third largest Channel on YouTube.  In amongst titles like Oishi High School Battle and Zombies vs. Ninja are a couple of shows that furry fans might want to take notice of. Krogzilla is one of the newest. “Born as an unknown mutation of aquatic lizard, Krogzilla was a 200-foot tall fire-breathing sea monster that terrorized coastal cities all over the world, until a team of scientists defeated him by shrinking. Now reduced to only six feet in height, Krogzilla has to figure out how to become a functioning member of society. First thing Krog needs to do is find a job”. The series updates every Thursday, and you can find it on YouTube here. While you’re there you might also want to check out the preview trailer for Weasel Town, which premiers next week.

image c. 2012 Smosh Channel

He’s Here to Rock Your Pizza!

It’s an all-new rodent! CEC Entertainment Inc, owners of the Chuck E. Cheese line of pizza restaurant/arcades, have announced a total make-over for the company’s mascot.  Gone is the portly circus ringleader (and gone, at least in TV commercials, is Chuck E’s voice of 20 years, Duncan Brannan). In his place is a new slimmed-down Chuck E. in a t-shirt and jeans, sporting a Gibson Les Paul Guitar! The new Chuck E is voiced in ads by Jaret Reddick, lead singer for the pop-punk band Bowling for Soup (well-known for their song “1985”). has the first ad from the new campaign up on their web site. Trivia bit for you: Did you know that Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza restaurant chain was founded by Nolan Bushnell — who also founded Atari?

image c. 2012 CEC Entertainment

Werewolves vs. Bikers from Hell

First off, wishing a very Happy Independence Day to all of you and yours!

Later this month Moonstone Publishing will bring us Werewolves of New Idria, an illustrated novel / trade paperback written by John Chadwell with art by Duncan Long. Here’s the publisher’s description: ” The Aceves family is like no other. With patriarch, Roberto Aceves, forever a Spanish knight after being bitten by a werewolf, he and his clan have secretly fought man’s wars for 900 years. Today, near the abandoned mining town of New Idria, they must battle against a demon and his biker gang who want nothing more than to destroy the entire clan. A new breed of werewolf! Holy warriors, led by a 900-year-old knight who fought beside El Cid, now in a deadly struggle against a motorcycle gang headed by Satan’s ken, hell bent on revenge!” Check out the pre-order page at

image c. 2012 Moonstone

Cat With Guitar

Another animal who decides to follow his own, different path; this is a cat known as Chote Meow. “Banished from their original homeland of Harmonystan, the cats have been living in the Dark Forest for a long, long time. No one trusts them and hardly anyone gives them any work. They steal. They kill. They cause panic and fear. But all that is about to change… Meet Chote Meow! He is the strangest cat in the world. His best friends are a rat and a crow. Even though his father is a famous cat burglar, this young cat won’t steal but sing for his supper. There is nothing that Chote Meow loves more than adventure and his guitar. Chote Meow’s love for adventure takes him both far and near. Harmonystan, the kingdom of his birth now ruled by an evil Sultan, is where their life changes. Whether it’s winning hearts, fighting bad guys, or forming a musical band this young cat will do it all.” This full-color book for younger readers was written by Pooja Lulla and illustrated by Sachin Nagar. Look for it from Campfire Orignals this August.

image c. 2012 Campfire Originals