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April, 2013:

A Curious Little Rabbit

Adam Henry is a an animator, storyboard artist, and animation director. Over the years he’s worked for Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Klasky-Csupo, and most recently Dreamworks — where he is a director on the hit TV series Dragons: Riders of Berk. On a more personal level, Mr. Henry has created Bibby the Bunny, a young rabbit with a positive attitude, a lucky streak, and a curiosity that older bunnies find downright dangerous.  The first book in this new illustrated children’s book series, Bibby: A Bunny’s Journey, is available now at Mr. Henry’s Bibby the Bunny web site. It’s also available on iTunes, and will soon be coming out in other digital formats.

image c. 2013 by Adam Henry

One Very Thin Rabbit

Flat Bonnie is called that because she’s, well, flat. And a bunny. She’s the lead character of a line of hand-made plushie animals, put together by a group of humans with a very specific agenda: Bringing attention to the number of real-live rabbits living in animal shelters and looking to be adopted by loving families. Flat Bonnie and Friends introduced several new designs at WonderCon this year, and you can see them (and more) at their web site, Through the month of April, 10% of all sales will be donated to the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation.

image c. 2013 Flat Bonnie & Friends

Fantastic Cats — Literally

Jenny Parks is a traditional artist working in the realms of natural history and animal art. Lately though, she’s come to specialize in fantasy-anthropomorphic illustrations of cat characters.  Cats like Doctor Mew, Hairy Pawter, and Purrlock Holmes.  Of course she sells prints of her cat-work, and you can see examples of that and other illustrations at her web site,

image c. 2013 Jenny Parks

Welcome to Area Fifty-Something

After the box-office success of Monsters vs. Aliens in 2009, Dreamworks Animation green-lit a spin-off TV series to be developed for Nickelodeon. Well, now it’s here! Monsters vs. Aliens premiered on cable TV March 23rd with a special pilot episode, “Welcome to Area Fifty-Something”. Regular episodes begin on Saturday mornings starting this weekend.  B.O.B. the blob, Link the fish-man, Dr. Cockroach the bug-man, and Susan (aka Ginormica) the giant-lady just want to live a quiet life on their secret government base, but that’s hard to do when hostile aliens keep showing up — and doing things like kidnapping the President! Nickelodeon has an official web site for the show as well.

image c. 2013 Dreamworks Animation

Ha! Thrust! Parry! Spin!

Chivalry and Knavery is an on-line black & white comic strip created, written, and drawn by P. T. Cooper. Now in its eighth year, this comedic sword & sorcery adventure strip is rated as a Reader Favorite on It’s also made it up to #53 in the rankings at Join Kira the fox wizard, Sir Toby the lion paladin, and Ulf the human barbarian in their many battles — both mundane and fantastic. Visit to see the latest installment. There you’ll also find information about P. T. Cooper’s two published novels (Rin Tin Tin and the Lost King and The King of the Cats), as well as a gallery of the strip’s characters drawn by guest artists.

image c. 2013 P. T. Cooper