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Antarctic Press

The Return of Far West

How do you take Far West even farther? How do you make Bad Mojo even badder? You do it in full color, that’s how! Far West, of course, is the creation of writer and comic artist Richard Moore — creator of Boneyard and The Pound. It tells the story of Meg, an elven bounty hunter, and her tireless friend Phil, a talking bear, as they ply their trade in a magical Old West unlike any you’ve seen before. Bad Mojo was a popular black & white two-issue Far West miniseries, and now Antarctic Press is re-releasing it in full color as Badder Mojo, a single 48-page graphic novel. In this story, Meg and Phil must split up to track their quarry through the Deadlands, a region of bad magics and perpetual twilight. But then when they discover that a malevolent trickster spirit named Kodiki is after the both of them, it becomes less about the quarry and more about survival!

Return to The Pound!

Antarctic Press presents the return of writer/artist Richard Moore’s The Pound, now graduated from a black & white one-shot to a full-color one-shot! Here’s the press release: “The fur flies in FULL COLOR for Antarctic’s latest release by fan favorite Richard Moore! Chimeras: Genetically-engineered creatures, part human, part animal; faster, stronger and deadlier than both. Kat and Caleb are ‘chims’ scraping out a living in the prison-city known as The Pound, where survival of the fittest is the only law. Created for combat in off-world environments, they are now thieves — the best in the city. There’s no score they won’t take down. But being the best means making enemies, and Kat and Caleb have more than their share. When one of the biggest, Darius Blackeye, hires them to hijack a shipment of high-tech arms, the pair has to wonder what he wants more — the weapons, or to eliminate the competition?” The Pound comes to comic book stores at the end of September.

Returning to the roots!

Antarctic Press and Radio Comix have teamed up once again to bring us the new souped-up Furrlough Color Special #1, in full color, of course! Various artists from both companies have worked together to create this special 48-page funny-animal one-shot: People like Phil “Poinko” Gibson, Smudge, David Davis, Remi Perron, David Goodman, Arthur Goodman, Fred Perry, and Ben Dunn.

DinoWars Trade Paperback

DinoWars, the full-color science fiction manga series written and illustrated by Rod Espinosa, is now available as a digest-sized trade paperback collection from Antarctic Press. We thought they dinosaurs were dead — but they had simply left our planet.  Now a new species of evolved dinosaur has returned… to invade and conquer the Earth!