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Art Portfolios

Scratches, Volume 3

The popular artist collective known as Blotch have returned with a new collection CD for 2009. Scratches Volume 3 features over 120 drawn images of male-on-male anthropomorphic erotica, with no less than 100 of them having never seen the light of day on the Internet. It includes pencil sketches, inked drawings, and full-color works, and even two multi-page comics (one color and one black & white). It’s available now (shipping soon) for only $26.00 US, including shipping and handling *ahem*. To find out more about Volume 3 (and Volumes 1 and 2 if you need to catch up), visit the information site here.

Apes and Babes

Frank Cho is world-famous as the creator of Liberty Meadows, Jungle Girl, and other comics featuring Beautiful Human Babes and various critters both dangerous and comical — sometimes at once.  Now Image Comics brings us Apes and Babes, Book One, a 144-page full-color collection of Cho’s past and present illustrations and sketches.