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An Unquenchable Urge To Learn

The artist and creator known as Tsebresos has been making the rounds at furry fandom conventions for some time now — but this year at Biggest Little Fur Con, we finally picked up her card! Seems like she’s been busy not only creating lots of artwork, but lots of fur-suits too — not to mention extra parts for the latter. Over at her web site she has extensive galleries showing off her work, as well as links to her Etsy store where you can find her art on t-shirts, prints, and so on.

image c. 2019 by Tsebresos

Animals On You

If you haven’t seen the works of Joe Weatherly, you should. Joe is well-known and well-respected illustrator who specializes in wild animals, portrayed in striking black & white and full color. His web site will show you what we mean. Joe has been hired as a drawing instructor by the likes of Nickelodeon Animation, Dreamworks Feature Animation, Universal Studios, Art Center, the Laguna College of Art and Design, and The Academy of Art in San Francisco. Now, Joe is offering several of his black & white sketches of various animals on a variety of t-shirts, through his new company called Fauna Shirts. The web site shows a limited number of the available designs, but you’ll see many more of them if you visit the Fauna Shirts booth — coming to a furry fandom or comic convention near you!

image c. 2017 by Joe Weatherly


All the Pretty Corgis

Her summary: “Joie Brown is a visual storyteller, using her talents to help design theme parks, bring characters to life and entertain the masses with her hilarious concepts and whimsical illustrations. She recently graduated with an MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University, and currently resides in Los Angeles with her jolly, stump-legged corgi Rylee.” Who seems to be one of her major sources of inspiration — along with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Check out Joie’s web site to purchase prints and find links to her other art sites.

image c. 2014 by Joie Brown

image c. 2014 by Joie Brown

Furry Artwork Seeks Your Funding

Anthrology (doncha just love what we do to the language?) is an upcoming hardcover collection of more than 150 full-color non-adult illustrations from 40 artists.  Well, it may be coming up — if they reach their goal. Currently there’s an Indiegogo campaign to finance not only printing the books, but paying each of the artists involved a fair share for their work.  The Indiegogo sight has loads of links to loads of artwork by the various artists.  After the campaign is complete, this collection will not be sold again, according to the editors.

image c. 2014 by Zengel

image c. 2014 by Zengel

Putting the ART in Furry Art

Lisa Hanawalt is a New York-based artist whose illustrations feature humans and anthropomorphic animals in a variety of artistic styles, all in the service of the creator’s wry observations of pop culture and human foibles. Her works have been seen in a variety of publications and on a variety of web sites, as you can see if you visit her home page or her shop on Tumblr. Well now, her works have been gathered together on dead trees in a new hardcover collection, My Dirty Dumb Eyes from Drawn & Quarterly. Check it out at Amazon. It’s also available as a trade paperback.

image c. 2013 by Lisa Hanawalt

May Your Art Be Beefy

And yet more designer toys, clothes, and art, this time from an outfit known as Beefy & Co. “Established in 2011 by designer, illustrator, modeler & animator Menh Voong, ushered a new fusion of iconic art. Inspired by generations of comic superheros, animations and illustrations merging with today’s Pop Culture, the passion is instilled in each limited piece of artwork. Artistic and collectible, the new age of art influences dominate the brand Beefy & Co.” You heard it here folks. Check out their latest designs at

image c. 2013 Beefy & Co.

The Disney Sketchbook

The Disney Sketchbook 1928 – 2008 is a new 144-page hardcover book from Disney Editions, where current and retired Disney animators are given a chance to both show and reflect upon some of the artwork that has inspired them over the years as they worked on the latest animated film projects.  This is from “The Disney Sketchbook 1928-2008 is a glorious, collectible coffee-table book showcasing the rich visual development art by Disney animators over the more than eighty-year history of the Walt Disney Animation Studios (originally Disney Feature Animation). The sketchbook appears as if Disney’s animation artists have passed it among each other through the years, from the early beginnings of the Studios’ work, through the present day. Frequently, current artists have drawn their concepts alongside earlier characters that have influenced their work. In brief but potent text, the current Disney animators will reflect on the inspiration of the artists who have preceded them, going back to the “first generation” of animators who created the Silly Symphonies and early cartoons, to the first Golden Age of Disney animation (Snow White to The Black Cauldron) to the present second Golden Age (The Little Mermaid onwards).” The book will be available in August.