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Button? Button? Who’s Got The Button?

Back from San Diego Comic Con 2016, and hoo wee is there a lot to talk about! Jeff Egli describes himself as “… a professional comic artist, illustrator and friend to all frogs.” He describes what he does as “Creating fan art for all and leaving no Fandom unexplored!” To that end he created fan art pieces by the hundreds and puts them on buttons — and other collectible items, but mostly lots of buttons. Favorite fannish subjects are cartoons and comic books, which means yes: Lots and lots of furry characters make their way into his work. Look over at Jeff’s shop on his web site to see a selection of his work. Want to see more? Look for Jeff’s booth (Fandom Flare) at a comic book convention near you.

image c. 2016 by Jeff Egli

image c. 2016 by Jeff Egli