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Cartoon Network

European Cartoon Pilots

On April 27th, Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe (in London, UK) released six animated pilots for possible new cartoon series. The pilots were actually started back in 2009, under the creative direction 0f Timothy Bjorklund (who had previously directed American shows like Teacher’s Pet and Brandy & Mr. Whiskers). The first original cartoon to come out of the studio since is called The Amazing World of Gumball. Cartoon Brew has a preview of all six pilots up on line, though the reviewer had decidedly mixed feelings about them. Still, furry fans might want to check out things like Elliot’s Zoo by David Needham, The Furry Pals by Rikke Asbjorn, and Verne on Vacation by Sylvain Marc. Make your own decisions.

Thundercats Return with a Roar

Looks like they’re getting serious about the return of Thundercats this time around… This footage was recently shown at Wondercon — to, reportedly, thunderous applause. It’s interesting to note that this new show from Cartoon Network looks much more anime in style than the old original series. It also spends a lot more time setting things up on the Thundercats’ home world. We’ll find out more when Thundercats comes to Cartoon Network this July.


image c. 2011 Cartoon Network

The Fat Cat is Back

Well this sort of came out of nowhere… A brand new CGI show featuring Jim Davis’ inescapable cat Garfield was made in France in 2008. Then, in 2009, episodes of The Garfield Show began airing in North America on Cartoon Network, with all-around voice actor Frank Welker voicing Garfield in place of the late Lorenzo Music. One of the main writers and voice directors for the series is Mark Evanier, who was also lead writer for the original 2D series Garfield and Friends in the 1980’s. Now it seems that Papercutz (home of the Geronimo Stilton series) is creating a series of hardcover full-color comic collections based on The Garfield Show. The collections are titled Garfield & Co., and they come to stores this May.

Firebreather — The Movie

In the past we’ve told you about Firebreather, the comic book series created by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn, published by Image Comics. Now it seems that Cartoon Network has gone and snuck out a CGI movie based on it! The story is the same as the comic, described here from Firebreather’s Wikipedia entry: “High school teen Duncan Rosenblatt is the son of divorced parents — a typical suburban soccer mom who wants him to get into a good college, and a 300-foot fire-breathing dragon who wants him to follow in the family business — conquering the Earth and inheriting the throne of King of Monsters; they share custody. Like every other teenager, he struggles to fit in with his peers. His being half-dragon further complicates matters.” The movie comes to Cartoon Network on November 24th. Check out the trailer on YouTube, too.