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This Year’s Winning Frog

The July issue of Animation Magazine featured the 2012 Pitch Party, which has become an annual event.  The idea is simple: Entrants purchase a 1/16th-page ad in the magazine, and submit a one-panel “pitch” for a new animated TV series or feature. A panel of animation industry experts, the staff of Animation Magazine, and on-line readers each get a chance to pick their favorites.  Those industry folk this year included names from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, PBS, and the Hub among others. And the top pick from both those bigwigs and the Animation staff was Jimmy Legs: The Down and Out Frog, created by Daniel Contois — the story of a cartoon frog living in America following a nuclear apocalypse. Oh what fun! And you can see the development of it at Dan’s web site.  But there were plenty of other entries of possible interest to furry fans, including Detective Cats (web site), Little Monsters (web site), Road Kill Heroes (web site), Swamp Stalkers (web site), Mad Cow (web site), Samurai Chinchilla (web site), and Bad Penguin (web site). And of course check out Animation’s web site to find out more about this year’s Pitch Party, and next year’s too.

image c. 2012 by Daniel Contois


Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party

The July 2009 issue of Animation Magazine presents the results of the 8th annual Pitch Party, where readers and fans are invited to submit one-panel illustrations as “pitches” for possible new animated TV series. The submissions were judged by a panel of animation industry executives from the likes of Cartoon Network, Walt Disney Television Animation, Comedy Central, and more. This years winner was Clerence by Chelsea Gordon-Ratzlaff, the story of a young dragon who’s pushed out of his own world into ours. You can find out more about Clerence at Other submissions of note to furry fans include Khepri by Erin Prazan (, 9 x 9 Lives (, Fish’n’Chumps (, Bitter Little Raccoon by Tom Ramirez (, Monkey & Robot’s Flying Circus (, Harold and the Walrus by Daniel Contois (, Fireflyz Avengerz by Don Farmer and Julie Farmer, Iggy Igloo & Friends by Frank Italiano Jr. (, Xtinctables by the Scribble Design Group (, Blue Thunder & Cozmik Kitty by Sergio Armendariz, and Ugly Dawg Kennel by Christopher Slaughter.