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E-Books for Kids — and Art Collectors

And more from CTN Expo (it’s always cool!). According to their web site, “Mighty Yeti is an independent storytelling studio creating stories for the current generation of kids who enjoy their media and entertainment in exciting new ways. Founders Jennie Book and Josh Book have taken their many years of experience in the traditional entertainment industry and created products which children can interact with in a truly active way.” To that end they’ve created a series of interactive e-books for young readers — and some of those books have decidedly anthro content. Especially the one called A Shark Knocked On The Door. “Gutter races with Grandma are the best! But when a beloved toy boat is lost down the sewer, all seems lost until a friendly shark returns it and takes the boy and his grandma on a fantastical underseas adventure.” The publishers have built up enough material designing and creating these books that they’ve actually released The Art of Mighty Yeti Storybooks collection, featuring art by Eddie Betancourt, Roman Laney, Justin Rodrigues, and Nick Swift.

image c. 2018 Mighty Yeti

Save the Star Mice

Cutter Hays is an author and illustrator best known for the Mouse Knight fantasy adventure series. Well now he’s taken a turn in a more science fiction direction with his new illustrated novel, Quilah Laoshu. Three human souls find themselves torn from Earth and whisked away to an alien world… and tasked with saving the native sentient rodent species from certain destruction. The electronic version of the book is available now for download, and you can keep up with new artwork for the dead-tree version at the Quilah Laoshu web site.

image c. 2015 by Cutter Hays

image c. 2015 by Cutter Hays

Men with the Souls (and Often Bodies) of Dragons

Author April Reid has made a name for herself in the world of decidedly adult fantasy novels, often featuring heated, taboo-breaking romance with shape-shifting creatures. Such is the story of one of her first books, The Dragon’s Choice (available now from Amber Quills Press). A young woman is doomed to be sacrificed to The Dragon King, but her fate may be averted by her forbidden love affair with her guard… who may just have a few magic secrets of his own. Visit Ms. Reid’s official web site to see more of the magical stories she has created.

image c. 2015 Amber Quill Press

image c. 2015 Amber Quill

A Children’s Classic Returns On-Line

Sweet Pickles is a classic educational children’s book series by Ruth Lerner Perle, Jacquelyn Reinach, and Richard Hefter which was published by Holt, Rinehart & Winston from 1977 through the mid-1990’s. Each of the 40 full-color books portrayed the adventures of the inhabitants of the town of Sweet Pickles: 26 anthropomorphic animals (one for each letter of the alphabet) who get into various “pickles” because of their all-too-human flaws… and who must learn important life lessons to get out of them. The Wikipedia entry for Sweet Pickles details each of the characters such as Accusing Alligator, Moody Moose, and Temper Tantrum Turtle. After having been out of print for the longest time, the entire series is now returning on-line in a brand-new on-line series. But not just the books: Now the original stories are presented as digitally-enhanced e-books with professional sound-effects, narration, and character voices by award-winning voice actors. For a limited time the first e-book in this new series, Very Worried Walrus, is available as a free download at the Apple iBookstore. You can find out more about the return of Sweet Pickles at, and also check them out on Facebook.

image c. 2012 Sweet Pickles

E-Books with Furries

Elizabeth Hirst is a science fiction and fantasy author taking full advantage of the recent explosion of e-book publishing — stories on-line for purchase and download. Several of her stories feature non-human creatures, and two recent e-novels are of particular interest to furry fans. Flood Waters Rising is a space opera starring members of an anthro-canine species. “Heir to a blood condition that can help heal the sick and even raise the dead, Sithon Flood finds himself trapped in a web of lies and manipulation at the hands of his stepfather, a tyrant who desires an undead army. Can Sithon escape Wardan’s evil schemes in time to save his parents’ lives and redeem his family name?” Then there’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic, in which a young boy named Deanie “wakes up one evening to see his favourite teddy bear, Jack, running into the woods, evidently alive. Deanie runs after him, thinking that the Teddy Bears’ Picnic he has heard about in stories had finally come to pass, but he is about to discover that not all children’s stories tell the truth”. You can find these and other works by Ms. Hirst at Smashwords, or at her publishing site.

image c. 2011 Pop Seagull Publishing