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Howard the Duck

Spider-Man: Animal Magnetism

Full-color funny animal silliness from Marvel Comics, collected together in one big trade paperback for your enjoyment. Spider-Man: Animal Magnetism hits the shelves this January, collecting Spider-Man: Back in Quack (a team-up with Howard the Duck which you may recall we talked about before), The Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special (a classic funny-animal spoof of the web slinger, complete with new material), The Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham (don’t even ask!), and Top Dog #10 (about, you guessed it, a super-dog). Some of the guilty party include writers Stuart Moore, Tom Defalco, J. Michael Straczynski (!), Tom Peyer, and George Caragonne; along with artists Mark Brooks, Joe Suitor, Jacob Chabot, Adam Deraker, Agnes Garbowska, Joe Jusko, and Warren Kremer. The cover art was completed by the late Mike Wieringo of Tellos fame.

Spider Man Helps The Duck

Whenever Howard the Duck turns up in your comic book, things are almost guaranteed to get weird — or weirder than usual. Such is the case in Spider-Man: Back in Quack, a new full-color one-shot comic written by Stuart Moore with illustrations by Mark Brooks and Joe Suitor (and published by Marvel Comics, as if you didn’t know). It’s seems that Howard the Duck’s brain has been thoroughly scrubbed, and his hard-edged humor has been ground down to make him more… socially acceptable. It’s up to none other than Spider-Man to save to the duck from the threat of mediocrity… But does the world prefer the new “Cynical Duck” over good old Howard? You can find out now: This book is on the shelves.