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Light and Shadow

RH Potter is an artist from the Pacific Northwest — one who is known for her very distinctive style of line and color. She describes herself as: “An illustrator and storyteller. The two are intertwined for me; storybook and cover illustrations are my first love, with comic art and animation coming a close second. I love the deceptive simplicity of the Zen aesthetic and of Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, the crisp clean lines of ink on paper, shapes and pattern. I don’t like telling people what they should see in my work; I believe that every piece should tell its own story without outside interference.” On her web site you’ll find lots of her designs available as prints, stickers, and even custom tattoo designs!

image c. 2017 RH Potter

The Artist Gets Around

One of the artists (one of many!) we ran into at Further Confusion goes by the name of Ishaway Friestad. “I am an visual illustrator, working in a variety of medias, both traditional and digital. I have shown my work at fantasy conventions and a couple of art shows.” She works on a wide variety of colorful products, too! She has an Etsy store for those items she makes entirely herself, and a Redbubble store for other items that she decorates and puts up for sale. And look up her personal web page too, where she displays her latest art projects.

image c. 2016 by Ishaway

image c. 2016 by Ishaway Friestad


Another All-Around Animator

… and illustrator, whom we met at the CTN Animation Expo. Christina Halstead is a character designer and, yes, animator who has worked freelance on projects for outfits like Toon Boom and games like Beast’s Fury. Her personal art web site is called Shadowed Brush Creations — there you can find sketches, character paintings, and even short animation samples from her work.

image c. 2015 Christina Halstead

image c. 2015 by Christina Halstead

All the Pretty Corgis

Her summary: “Joie Brown is a visual storyteller, using her talents to help design theme parks, bring characters to life and entertain the masses with her hilarious concepts and whimsical illustrations. She recently graduated with an MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University, and currently resides in Los Angeles with her jolly, stump-legged corgi Rylee.” Who seems to be one of her major sources of inspiration — along with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Check out Joie’s web site to purchase prints and find links to her other art sites.

image c. 2014 by Joie Brown

image c. 2014 by Joie Brown

Furry Artwork Seeks Your Funding

Anthrology (doncha just love what we do to the language?) is an upcoming hardcover collection of more than 150 full-color non-adult illustrations from 40 artists.  Well, it may be coming up — if they reach their goal. Currently there’s an Indiegogo campaign to finance not only printing the books, but paying each of the artists involved a fair share for their work.  The Indiegogo sight has loads of links to loads of artwork by the various artists.  After the campaign is complete, this collection will not be sold again, according to the editors.

image c. 2014 by Zengel

image c. 2014 by Zengel