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Don’t Get Played

Just A Game is a new independent urban fantasy comic written and illustrated by the creative team known as Redlock. “This is a slow burn romantic comedy about an Introverted ‘Lets Player’ who spends too much time streaming and not enough time on his personal life. That is until his best friend drags him off to a certain Unicorn Idol’s new concert! Wild hijinks ensue; hopefully he can survive this peacocking extrovert.” Currently the first issue is available, and there’s a Kickstarter campaign to get the second issue printed.

image c. 2022 by Redlock

Be a Cat in Cat-Town

Over on Twitter we stumbled across a new interactive game project called Paw Borough. The creators were talking up the success of their recent Kickstarter campaign. We’ll let them explain it: “Hello everyone! We want to introduce Paw Borough, an online feline-themed roleplay game made by creatives for creatives! Paw Borough incorporates nostalgic elements of early internet pet simulators while introducing fresh mechanics and cultivating a unique player experience. The game will feature new, complex breeding mechanics, item collection, scene decoration, extensive roleplay tools with socialized gameplay, site-guided community storytelling, and immense creative freedom never before seen in a game of this genre!” You can check out their game demo online as well.

image c. 2022 The Paw Borough Team

Funding A Fuzzy

Creator Charles Brubaker let us know about their current Kickstarter campaign for The Fuzzy Princess Volume 2, the second collection of strips from this popular web comic. “The Fuzzy Princess centers on Katrina, the adventurous feline princess of St. Paws, watched over by Chiro (a batty bat) and Kuma (whose love for haiku is only matched by his love of eating). Now they’ve been stranded in our world! Can Kat’s new human friend Jackson help them survive? Will Jackson be able to survive his new friends? Continuing off from where the first book left off, join Princess Kat on a voyage of self-discovery in this sec, as she explores her new talents such as: Urban exploration! Crimefighting! Attempting to make Christmas dinner! Surviving a surprise visit! Babysitting! Witches! And enduring Kuma’s slam poetry!” What more do you need to know?  The campaign is running now through the beginning of March.

image c. 2020 by Charles Brubaker

All the Cute Little Billionaires

Here’s an interesting art and comic project we came across at CTN Expo: Sillycan Vale, created by Lewei Wang. Current there’s a Kickstarter Campaign for the project, that explains it like this… “Sillycan Vale is a town where each animal villager is the personification of a tech company from the real world. The goal of this project is to develop the whole concept into a comic series. The characters & story-lines are inspired by what’s happening between the real tech communities especially in Silicon Valley, California.” Currently the plan is to release the comic in three separate volumes, introducing new characters and development art in each, and then release the actual complete comic in September of 2019. As of this writing they have already exceeded their initial funding goal, so go check them out and see what’s coming next.

image c. 2018 by Lewei Wang

Don’t Let The General Get You!

Lo and behold, it looks as if one of the original anthropomorphic role-playing games is digging into making a come-back. Frog God Games have opened a new Kickstarter campaign to try and bring about the 3rd Edition of the venerable game Bunnies & Burrows. We’ll let them tell you about it: “It’s not easy being a rabbit. Dangers abound in a hostile world of forests, fields, and farms. You and your woodland companions — rabbits and friends of rabbits — are a tough band of protectors and explorers, ready to take on the challenge. This tactical role-playing game views the world from a unique angle, with different goals and approaches than any kind of traditional role-playing game. Rich and complex mechanisms allow you to cover any angle of rabbit life — including war-gaming — if you choose to expand the game beyond the basics of role-playing woodland animals in a world where nature is red in tooth and claw. Frog God Games has partnered with Dr. B. Dennis Sustare and Dr. Scott R. Robinson to return a venerable and influential piece of tabletop role-playing games to print. This tactical role-playing game weighs in at approximately 200 pages of full color adventure in the style of Redwall and Watership Down.” With just under a month to go (as of this writing), they’ve nearly reached their funding goal.

image c. 2018 Frog God Games

Do You Want Philip To Be Free?

Mengyao Zhang has been working mostly as a layout artist and lighting specialist while he completes his studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. Most recently he and his team have been hard at work on his thesis film, Philip — and now they have a Kickstarter campaign up and running to get the film completed. “It tells a dystopian story about Philip who’s trying to free himself from the rules in his world. The story of this film is based on the black and white film Metropolis from 1927. The aesthetic of the film is influenced by German Expressionism and tells a story which is dark in appearance but warm in the heart.” Oh, did we mention that Philip and his world are all cat people?

image c. 2017 by Mengyao Zhang

More Cat and Dog Strangeness

Daniel de Sosa, creator of the very odd comic Kitty Jenkins: Purrvana (which we reviewed before) is back with another interesting full-color project proposal. This new one is called Kitty Jenkins: A Song of Mice and Fur [You’re a true fan if you get that pun…], and there’s currently a Kickstarter campaign to make it a reality. “A Song of Mice and Fur is an absurdist fantasy story set in the realm of Nyania where kitty lords and canine rulers lord over the rodent peasantry. After a surprise Meowgol attack, the fragile peace between the kingdoms of Nyania is broken, and the land descends in to chaos. Red panda mercenaries, authoritarian cats, a sad fat pug and many more all fight tooth, nail and claw to come out on top!” Visit the campaign page to find out more.

image c. 2016 by Daniel de Sosa

image c. 2016 by Daniel de Sosa



Fighting Like…

Space Cats In Space! is the name of a new animated computer game, currently under development. They have a Kickstarter campaign in place to try and finance the next step in the process. “An advanced twin-stick shooter space epic, SpaceCats In Space! Follows the kingdom of Meowfyre’s rebellion against the dogs of the Grolich Empire. Bomber strikes, wingman assistance and RPG-like leveling are all tools at your disposal in the battle to stop Oberluft Kommandant Arnuld Von Schloss and the vast Grolich war machine. Featuring animated cutscenes and full voiceover to immerse you in a World War II inspired space battle of cats versus dogs!” This is not the most “serious-minded” of fighting games out there… if the title wasn’t a giveaway, check out the intro video at the Kickstarter page! (Also this is obviously more for “cat people”!) As we write this there is just over a month left in their current crowd-funding campaign.

image c. 2016 Robotic Potato

image c. 2016 Robotic Potato



Boom! Crash! Anthros!

Very soon (mid-February, in fact) a new Kickstarter campaign will be starting up, looking to finance a brand-new furry-themed card game called Fur vs. Scale. They explain it best on their web site: “Fur vs Scale is a fast-paced tabletop card game for 2-4 players, pitting heroes of rival kingdoms against each other in strategic combat. The game captures the ebb and flow of your favorite arcade fighter, challenging players to construct winning combinations of attacks, blocks, counters, and super moves over four rounds to be crowned victor. Featuring colorful anthropomorphic animal characters with unique special abilities, Fur vs Scale offers a variety of depth that can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. Fur vs Scale takes place in the world of Junea, a land at war. The fragile peace that existed for decades between the Kindgom of Leon and the Kingdom of Wyrm is shattered by the disappearance of a sacred idol, and the quest to solve the mystery sets heroes from both lands on a dangerous collision course. Relive their tales of glorious combat and guide your chosen hero to victory!” The web site includes a link to a YouTube video telling you more about the game.

image c. 2016 Warspider Entertainment

image c. 2016 WarSpider Entertainment