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Lewis Carroll

Get Snarked

Writer and artist Roger Langridge has previously earned a comic book Harvey Award for his work on The Muppet Show, published by Boom! Studios. Now he returns to Boom! with a completely new full-color original work called Snarked!, coming out this October. But first, Boom! is present a special “Issue 0” version this August, featuring a self-contained 8-page story and lots of background material for the upcoming series. In Snarked!, Mr. Langridge offers his own take on the world of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. Specifically, the crafty Walrus and the rather clueless Carpenter take a young prince and princess off on a wild goose-chase… or rather, a wild snark-chase.


image c. 2011 Boom! Studios

Miranda and the Tiger’s Eye

Recently stumbled across: Miranda and the Tiger’s Eye, by Sara Beacham. “Miranda’s adventure begins with a gift and a wish. The gift, from a collector’s shop in India, is a special stone that fell from a statue stolen long ago. The stone, called a tiger’s eye, is said to have magical powers. Follow Miranda as she literally falls into a journey beyond the mist. Along the way, she is joined by a talking Secretary Bird and Barn Owl. Together they search for the rightful owner of the tiger’s eye.” That rightful owner is a tiger named Raja, and Miranda’s journey to find him takes her, two talking birds, and numerous other animal characters on an adventure that critics have compared to both Lewis Carroll and C.S. Lewis. Miranda and the Tiger’s Eye is available from FOM Publishing. You can read more about it on Amazon.


image c. 2011 FOM Publishing