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Dreamworks Adventure Magazine

If you haven’t seen it yet: Dreamworks Animation has a new regular publication, Dreamworks Adventure Magazine, which they put out through Ape Entertainment. Each issue features new full-color comics of various Dreamworks characters and movies, as well as puzzles, artwork, and more. The latest issue (#3) features a Madagascar 3 cover and comic story, ‘Long Live the King’ backed up by a Megamind story, ‘Minion, Where’s the Car?!’. It also features a double-sided pull-out poster for Madagascar 3 and Rise of the Guardians. You can find out more at the Ape Entertainment web site for the magazine, but your humble ed-otter found one for sale at his local supermarket.

image c. 2012 Ape Entertainment

Furry Ladies for Furry Ladies

There’s a new, decidedly adult-oriented furry fanzine in the works, and its currently seeking contributions. Its intentions are stated pretty clearly by the title: LFR, which stands for Lesbian Furry Rag. The editors are looking for stories, illustrations, and comics “of the girl-kissing-girl persuasion”, to quote them, and female characters of all body types are welcome. Ratings run from pretty and romantic to full-on erotica, with an emphasis on the pleasure of the ladies, rather than the “fetish” sort of lesbian scene meant to entertain straight males. Visit their Tumblr site to find out more about how to contribute and what they’re looking for.

image c. 2012 LFR


Anthroview is a brand-new furry-themed magazine created by long-time fan Summercat. According to the web site it’s “dedicated to providing reviews and articles relevant to the Furry Fandom” and “will be reviewing artwork galleries, stories, animations, comics, costuming, games – anything and everything made for the furry fandom by the furry fandom”. Issues are going to be available in both electronic and traditional print formats. The first issue will be premiering this week at Antheria in California. Flayrah has an interview with Summercat discussing his plans and aspirations for the new magazine.