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The Man-Bat Collectible

This coming May, DC Comics and Eaglemoss Publications will be offering a brand new collectible figure of the other winged haunter of Gotham City nights, Dr. Kirk Langstrom — or, as he is known in his transformed state, the Man-Bat. What’s more, when you purchase this new figurine you also get a 20-page full-color mini-comic collection featuring some of Man-Bat’s best-known appearances in Batman and other DC titles.


image c. DC Comics

The Return of Man-Bat

DC Comics has brought back a popular (especially with anthro-fans) side-character from the Batman series: Dr. Kirk Langstrom, the geneticist whose secret formula frequently changes him into the savage Man-Bat. (Dr. Langstrom’s formula was the source of many human-animal ‘morph plots in the Batman animated TV series.) In the new Man-Bat full-color one-shot (spinning off from plot points in the current Batman: Battle for the Cowl miniseries), Dr. Langstrom is pressed into the services of the evil man known as Dr. Phosphorous — who’s in for much more than he bargained for! The Man-Bat one-shot is written by Joe Harris, with art by Jim Calafiore and a cover by Ladronn (of Hip Flask fame).