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Bears on Mars

Here’s the description of The Martian Confederacy, a new series of full-color graphic novels published by Girl Twirl Comics: “Toxic air. Bloodthirsty politicians. Drinking bears. Welcome to Mars in the year 3535. Stripped of its natural resources and forgotten as a vacation destination, Martians struggle to afford breathable air. Boone, Spinner and Lou were three outlaws looking out for themselves. But when a cure for Mars’s toxic air falls into the wrong hands, thieves are forced to become heroes. And as an entire planet gasps for air, three rednecks will fight for the survival of their planet.” It should be mentioned that the three main characters here are a human male, a female-shaped android, and an 8-foot tall talking bear working to protect his wife and two cubs. The eagerly-awaited second issue of the series is coming out in October. The Martian Confederacy is written by Jason McNamara (First Moon) and illustrated by Paige Braddock (Jane’s World). Visit their web site to see more.

image c. 2008 Girl Twirl Comics