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The Mink is Up To Something

Author and “sit down comedian” Christopher Locke is back with his second novel, Vincent and the Dissidents. It’s the sequel to Persimmon Takes On Humanity, which of course we talked about before. “In Book Two, while Persimmon and The Enlighteners continue their daring efforts to rescue all animals who are suffering, little do they know that Vincent — the cunning mink who helped the team liberate a fur farm — has been assembling an army. Vincent and The Dissidents are conducting their own rescue missions, but their violent tactics against humans are quickly leading to catastrophic consequences.” Vincent is available now in paperback from Fathoming Press.

image c. 2018 Fathoming Press

Furry Musicians on the Dance Floor

Word is just starting to get out about the band The Studio Killers and their song “Ode to the Bouncer”. If you haven’t seen it, the video is up on YouTube, along with several re-mixes. Yes, the thought of a cartoon band making dance music does bring Gorillaz to mind. But that band doesn’t feature a fox and a mink performing the music, like the Studio Killers do! Several other “interview” and “behind the scenes” videos are up on YouTube as well, where we get to meet the mink and fox as well as the band’s human singer, Cherry. And of course, the Studio Killers have their own web site too. While we were researching that, we came across this interesting video by Swedish House Mafia called “Save the World”. We’ll let you see it for yourself, but suffice it to say: If you’re a “dog person”, you’ll love it.

It’s called “Mink”

The first novel by Robyn Rolison-Hanna, entitled Mink, is out now in  paperback from Arctic Wolf Publishing. This is from the web site ( “Count Zeto Pantaleone Ulderico is a pampered and coddled mink noble whose spoiled and privilege life comes to a screeching halt when he and his cousin, Muccino, are trapped and taken by Guiseppe Tucci to his mink farm. Plagued with night blindness and no ability to track or scent, Zeto can no longer depend on his name or position. With the aid of the beautiful mink named Ardrianna and a cast of fellow cellmates, they attempt an escape in hopes of obtaining freedom before they become articles of fashion in Milan’s haute couture. Set in Italy’s Apennine Mountains, Mink is a stirring tale of adventure, courage and the quest for survival. It follows this very special mink on his journey through harrowing trials posed by adversaries and predators. It is about pathways and bridges that must be crossed against incredible odds.” The book is illustrated by Olga Dunayeva, and more of her work can be seen at the web site also. Mink can be ordered on line through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.