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Earth Eternal

“A vast 3D world in a browser. Choose from 22 unique races. No humans, no elves, no dwarves.” Sounds like something we’d take notice of, yes? Earth Eternal is a brand new 3D MMO (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that was created by Sparkplay Media and released this month. The game is currently in open beta testing for Windows, but (as of this writing) it is not set up for Mac OS yet. Currently the game is free, with additional features that can be activated for a fee. According to press releases from Sparkplay, this fantasy game is comparable to RuneScape and Achaea, and it shares many gameplay elements with those games. Needless to say, much more development (of both the system and the player interaction) is in the works for the future. To find out more about it, or to try out the game yourself, visit the Earth Eternal web site.

A "Bandicoon" in armor.

A "Bandicoon" in armor.

Are You Freaky?

Freaky Creatures is a cross-platform, massively multiplayer online game that allows players to build the ultimate, customizable creatures and battle them against friends.” That’s the word from, the home-page of this new game. “In the distant future, battles are fought not by humans, but by genetically enhanced creatures. These powerful creatures engage in tremendous battles in search of victory, often with great risks on the line. There are eleven known types of Freaky Creatures in the universe, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.” They include creatures with names like Hawkan, Rexar, Dracon, Goroc, and Merasha.  Eleven basic creatures can be customized by players into literally thousands of unique creations, ready for battle and interaction on-line. The Freaky Creatures Starter Pack includes two action figures and a 1-gigabyte reuseable flash drive that is the key to joining the Freaky Creatures universe.  But it’s not all about battles, either.  There are social areas and even interactive story activities as well. There’s even a full-color comic book published by Abandon. For a series of videos about the game and the universe, check out this web site.