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The Furry Pin-Up Portfolio

The artist known as Sekhmet has brought together a wealth of furry and fantasy artists to create the new Pin-Up Portfolio, a 56-page softcover coffee-table book of full-color art newly available for order this month. Featuring artists as diverse as Balaa, Dark Natasha, Diana Harlan Stein, Heather Bruton, Michele Light, Kacey Miyagami, Caribou, and many many more, this collection features over 40 full-color illustrations of furry ladies, sexily dressed or tastefully topless… plus 8 pages of sketches and work-in-progress illustrations, as well as information about the artists.  Take note that this rare gathering of furry art talent is available only for a short time, and can only be ordered on the Internet.  Visit to find out more about ordering your own copy.