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From the Forests… to Mars

The people of the dying planet Mars need a savior. Someone to free them from the evil forces destroying their world. In desperation they reach out to the blue planet, Earth, for aid.  What they get is… a sasquatch. Seriously. That’s the premise of Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman, a new full-color comic book series written by Josh Henaman. It’s illustrated by Andy Taylor and Thomas Bonvillain, and published by Brew House Comics. You can check it out at Josh’s official Bigfoot web site.

image c. 2012 Brew House Comics

Bigfoot: Private Eye

Okay here’s a different take on things: Mr. Foot, aka Bigfoot, is a sasquatch private eye. Having received a letter from his long-lost brother Yeti, Mr. Foot enlists the aid of his friend The Jersey Devil to fly him to the arctic — only to find that Yeti has been beheaded. Now the reluctant Mr. Foot must bring together his old gang of cryptozoological friends — including Nessie and the Megaladon (or giant shark) and others — to find the killer and bring them to justice. It’s all there in Footprints, a new black & white comic book series from 215 Ink. It’s written by Joey Esposito (the comic book editor for IGN Publishing) and illustrated by Jonathan Moore (FUBAR). Alternative Magazine On Line has an extended preview of the comic up on their web site.

image c. 2011 Jonathan Moore

Hairy Things

Ape Entertainment is taking the unusual step of releasing all three issues of a three-issue mini-series at once, this coming January. The item in question is the new full-color comic mini-series Hairy Things, written by Jay Carvajal and illustrated by Marc Borstel. In the days of the Wild West, four companions stumble across a remote town hidden deep in the Colorado Rockies… a town that is under attack by a tribe of tall, furry sasquatch! What they don’t know is, the sasquatch are the least of their concerns — because the town is populated by hungry cannibals! This is not your grandparents’ western people…

The Gwaii Collection

The first set of issues of The Gwaii by Sean O’Reilly and Pedro Del Gado have been released in a new full-color hardcover collection by Arcana Studio. Tanu is a young sasquatch lost in the great Canadian wilderness when his mother is captured by Fearsome Creatures.  To get her back, he’ll have to use all his skills as he faces frightening mythological beings.