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Gas Girl

We spent last weekend at our first Furry Weekend Atlanta, and had a great time meeting new artists seeing new creations. Such as… Wildlife Fuel is a full-color comic written and illustrated by Kelly Latham. It’s been an ongoing web-comic for a while, but now there’s the first issue out on paper! “During the summer between high school and college, Cent the Skunk works at Wildlife Fuel, a gas station that has crazy fun times, but even crazier customers. While trying to survive hectic and humorous retail situations, she must also navigate major life choices during this transitional time in her life.” Visit Kelly’s web site to find out more about this and other comics she’s created.

image c. 2024 by Kelly Latham


Musty and Mustier

We stumbled across another illustrated book for young readers, from a couple of years ago. It’s simply titled Skunk and Badger. Easy to remember! “Wallace and Gromit meets Winnie-the-Pooh in a fresh take on a classic odd-couple friendship, from Newbery Honor author Amy Timberlake with full-color and black-and-white illustrations throughout by Caldecott Medalist Jon Klassen. No one wants a skunk. They are unwelcome on front stoops. They should not linger in Important Rock Rooms. Skunks should never, ever be allowed to move in. But Skunk is Badger’s new roommate, and there is nothing Badger can do about it. When Skunk plows into Badger’s life, everything Badger knows is upended. Tails are flipped. The wrong animal is sprayed. And why-oh-why are there so many chickens?” Find out when you look for it in hardcover from Algonquin.

image c. 2022 Algonquin Books

Zee Best of Pepe Le Pew

Thanks to the folks at Cartoon Brew and TV on DVD, we now know that the next release in Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes Super Stars series will be Pepe Le Pew: Zee Best of Zee Best. In spite of what this single-DVD collection’s box cover says, it actually contains 17 cartoons: All 15 of Chuck Jones’ Pepe cartoons, a one-off directed by Art Davis (Odor of the Day), and one Tweety Bird cartoon (Dog Pounded, directed by Friz Freleng) in which Pepe makes a cameo appearance. Everyone’s favorite romantic skunk with zee accent of LOVE comes to DVD on December 27th.

image c. 2011 Warner Brothers

Warriors of the Dharuk

Creators Edge Press is releasing a new full-color 4-issue mini-series this coming February. It’s called Warriors of the Dharuk, and here’s the description we found from the creators: “From the mind of Stephen Lindsay of Jesus Hates Zombies fame, and amazing art by Dave Myers and Alfredo Lopez Jr., comes an epic adventure all-ages book just in time for the holidays! Warriors of the Dharuk is the tale of Jody, a young warrior-in-training among the Clan of the Dharuk – a Koala clan that lives in harmonious existence with nature. As Jody prepares to enter The Trails — the tests of manhood for all warriors to-be — he is thrust into the middle of a brewing conflict between the Clan of the Dharuk and the Shak-ta, a technology-obsessed clan of Sugar Gliders. The Shak-ta have no respect for the ways of the Dharuk and see them as archaic hold-outs of a world long gone. For the Shak-ta to progress further, they need the Dharuk moved off of their lands or eliminated all together. To the Shak-ta, either end is acceptable. When a failed Dharuk warrior turns traitor, the very existence of the Dharuk is threatened. But the Dharuk holy man, Yuan — a blind skunk — tasks Jody and his new friend and protector, a wandering armadillo warrior named Ota, with finding a way to stop the Shak-ta.” Heavy Ink is taking pre-orders for the first issue on-line.

image c. 2010 Creators Edge Press

The Stink of Love

It looks as if picnic-stealing bears aren’t the only toons giving you a guide to life lately. Now Insight Editions have brought us The Stink of Love: Pepé Le Pew’s Guide to L’Amour. It’s available in hardcover, written by Pepé Le Pew himself with the help of Sally Deems-Mogyordy. Here’s the description from “Learn from the master of l’amour! In The Stink of Love, Monsieur Pepé Le Pew tells readers how to charm a belle femme with helpful chapters on Grooming, The Chase, and Couplehood. Let Pepé tell how to put one’s best paw forward on the path to love, how to anticipate a potential mate’s needs and desires, how to woo and romance, and — most importantly — how to hold on to her! As Pepé says, ‘There is very little difference between men and women, but vivre le difference!’ Mais oui, love is a many splendor’d thing! As the world turns to shades of pink and red, cynics can warm their hearts and laugh out loud to Pepé’s cheerful self-delusion. Deems-Mogyordy’s writing is pitch-perfect Pepé Le Pew, completely in character. As Pepé might say, ‘Cherchez la femme!'”

Return of the Love Skunk

And they just keep coming… Now word is out from Hollywood that Warner Brothers will soon be starting work on a live-action-with-CGI Pepe Le Pew feature film. In other words, a world of humans where only the amorous skunk Pepe and his feline love-target, Penelope, would be animated. New York Magazine is reporting that none other than Shrek himself, Mike Myers, will be voicing Pepe le Pew for the movie (rather than Joe Alaskey or Maurice LaMarche, who’ve voiced him in other recent animation projects). The point of all of this, of course, is to re-brand Warner Brothers characters like Pepe before they run out their copyrights, and to get them back in the public’s eye so they will again start moving merchandise. No word yet on a planned release date for the film. The folks over at Cartoon Brew don’t seem very happy about this whole development.