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Teddy Bears

Battle Bears!

It’s a game series, a comic book, a collection of plushies, an animation project in the works… It’s Battle Bears! It tells the story of a well-armed little bear named Oliver — and his well-armed companions — who crash-land on an alien world populated by cute pink teddy-bears called Huggies… who, if they get your mitts on you, will promptly hug you to death! Fortunately Oliver has guns to spare — he’s well-prepared to blow off the huggies’ heads, at which point rainbows shoot out of their necks. Yes. It’s all the creation of one Benjamin Vu (a graduate of the animation program at Cal Arts) and his company, SkyVu Pictures. Seriously, this just scratches the fuzzy surface of what SkyVu is up to. Visit their Battle Bears web site to find out more about new games and other projects they’re still busily developing.

Battle Bears at San Diego Comic Con. Photo by your ever-lovin' Ed-Otter


Look Out! It’s Mr. Wiggles!

What, you haven’t met Mr. Wiggles? Well, maybe you’re safe then. Creator/writer/artist Neil Swaab describes the adventures of Mr. Wiggles like this: “Join the loveably deviant teddy bear and his human companion as they navigate a world of addiction, sex, psychosis, and dangerous obsession, discovering humor in the most unlikely (and sometimes unwanted) places”. Now Mr. Swaab has released Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles Volume 3, the third collection of his popular full-color alternative comic strip. It’s available in softcover from Neil’s web site.

Mr. Stuffins tries again!

The comic book adventures of a teddy-bear secret agent! Mr. Stuffins #1 was constantly selling out at conventions, with fans demanding to know when issue #2 would come out.  Well now issue #1 has been re-issued by Boom! Studios, with new artwork by Axel Medellin. Original artist Andrew Cosby (Eureka) and writer Johanna Stokes have also returned, and this time the whole team is promising that issue #2 will be coming out soon!  Visit to find out more.