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The Flash

Flashpoint Furries

Yet another mega-series from another big-name comic book publisher. This time it’s DC Comics’ Flashpoint. Several of your favorite superheroes find themselves zapped (in a flash, of course!) to another universe where things have not worked out the same at all as in the “normal” DC universe. Leading the battle to get these stranded heroes home is that super speedster The Flash. Several continuing titles are taking on the Flashpoint story-line, and there are also several one-shot titles involved — some of them of note to furry fans. First off in Grodd of War, Gorilla Grodd seems to have made good on his ambition to take over the world… or at least a good portion of it, as he now rules Africa! Then, there’s the mysterious, very British, very insectoid adventures of The Canterbury Cricket (“His Power is his Curse!”). All of this starts going down this June — and all in full color, of course.


image c. 2011 DC Comics