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Godzilla Returns in 2012

This will either excite you are make you groan: Legendary Pictures has finally sealed a deal with Toho Company to create a brand-new American Godzilla feature film, schedule for release in 2012. No word yet on a director, writer, human star, or monstrous co-stars for this new film. Some may recall the last time (shudder) that Godzilla emerged from American movie studios under the command of director Roland Emmerich (2012, Independence Day) and writer Dean Devlin (Independence Day, Stargate). At the time the fan response world wide was… less than enthusiastic (and less than pretty). This time around, the folks at Legendary are swearing that they are all Godzilla geeks and that they “get” the appeal of The Big G and his movies. We shall certainly see. You can check out the official Legendary Pictures press release at Rotten Tomatoes.