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Dig It All Over Again

The celebrated and multi-award-winning creator Ursula Vernon first came to most people’s attention through her black & white web comic called Digger. Now, a decade later, Grim Oak Press gives us Digger Unearthed: The Complete Tenth Anniversary Collection. “Digger Unearthed is the story of a shrewd, sensible wombat engineer named Digger-of-unnecessarily-convoluted-tunnels, who finds herself stranded in a fantasy world that is far from logical. Thrust into the middle of a puzzling and often perilous situation involving gods, demons, destiny, and redemption, she finds her way based on a pragmatic honesty and the sincere belief in doing the right thing… To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Digger Unearthed offers the complete web comic collection in a single volume that can be fully enjoyed by young adult readers, yet also contains layers of sophistication that become deeper and more meaningful with age and experience.” Which we have. It’s available now in both paperback and hardcover.

image c. 2024 Grim Oak Press

The Beaver in the Man Hat

The Beaver in the Man Hat is the notably weird name of a notably weird web comic, created by a fellow known as Moose Mattson. He describes it as “a noir-ish action comedic fantastical adventure”. Our top-hatted beaver hero and his sidekick Moe (a mole with an odd sense of humor) do battle with the evil platypus known as… Dr. Pus! You gotta see this to believe it. And even then…