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I Take A 7-1/2…

This is direct from Animation Magazine’s web site: “Brown Bag Films and Cyber Group Studios have launched production on Gilbert & Allie, a new animated series that has been acquired by Disney Channel EMEA. Created and directed by Bronagh O’Hanlon, Gilbert & Allie is an odd-couple supernatural comedy about the sparks and spells that fly when a teenage girl discovers she has wizardly powers. Unfortunately, those powers can only be harnessed in partnership with an ancient and extremely grumpy magical rabbit that just wants to retire. Produced in France and Ireland, Allie’s adventures as a wizard-in-training facing the everyday challenges of a teenage girl will be animated in CG, while her visits with Gilbert to the magical realm will be created in 2D. Aimed at ages 8-11, the series will launch on Disney Channel in Europe in 2017.” Aw, those European kids, they get everything! We’ll let you know if we hear any word of Gilbert & Allie being released in North America between now and then.

image c. 2015 Brown Bag Films

image c. 2015 Brown Bag Films

From Boy Wizard… to Cat!

Salem the cat is a fan-favorite character from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV series and comic book line. Now the latest issue of Sabrina from Archie Comics begins a 4-issue series of Salem before he became a feline… back when he was a young boy wizard!  Everything changes the day that Salem meets a talking frog who says that he was was a wizard, too. The series is brought to you in full color by Ian Flynn and Chad Thomas.