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Good Cops, Bad Puns

Interesting discovery from the Long Beach Comic Expo: Doc Yeti Fuk’son — Yeti Detective. Yes that’s the title! It’s a black & white on-line comic that’s now available as a traditional comic too. “Doc Yeti Fuk’son, yeti detective, has the goddamn world at his feet. He’s taking down punks, cleaning up the streets, and making killer puns. The only thing hotter than his career is his wife. Or… it was. Two years later, Doc lives alone, punlessly powering through MacGyver, tapioca, and brown liquor. But his sister JD Yeti Fuk’son is on the case! She brings him a murder both gruesome and topical to drag Doc back into action. Something for him to take… personally.” Doc Yeti is written by Allison Solano and illustrated by Sean Morgan. The official web site will tell you all about it.

image c. 2017 by Sean Morgan



Just Piling It On

The folks at American Mythology: Dark (whom you may recall) have kicked things up yet another notch with the release of Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs vs. Yetis. They mean it. “Cade and Smith have been transported through a portal into a strange and deadly new realm. Now these unlikely allies need to get back to their own world, despite being hunted by ferocious Werewolves and Dinosaurs. And their temporary reprieve from danger is an illusion.  The mysterious Trench and his cowboy mercenaries are still tracking them and they are on the cusp of being caught in a horror free-for-all between Werewolves, Dinosaurs, and the legendary Yeti!” Created by Eric Dobson, Chris Scalf, and Matt Frank, this new full-color comic series premiers in February.


image c. 2017 American Mythology

Do You Want To Meet A Snowman?

Roger Langridge has made quite a name for himself with various anthropomorphic comics at Boom! Studios, including The Muppet Show, Snarked, and the recent Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow. Well now he’s back with another creator-owned miniseries, Abigail and the Snowman. According to an article over at Comic Book Resources, this new series “…focuses on a girl moving to a new town and befriending a yeti named Claude. Unfortunately for the new friends, Claude happens to be an escapee from a nearby facility that wants him back. To keep her new pal safe, Abigail and Claude go on a journey to find his home. ” Look for the first full-color issue to hit stores in the middle of December.

image c. 2014 Boom! Studios

image c. 2014 Boom! Studios

Bigfoot: Private Eye

Okay here’s a different take on things: Mr. Foot, aka Bigfoot, is a sasquatch private eye. Having received a letter from his long-lost brother Yeti, Mr. Foot enlists the aid of his friend The Jersey Devil to fly him to the arctic — only to find that Yeti has been beheaded. Now the reluctant Mr. Foot must bring together his old gang of cryptozoological friends — including Nessie and the Megaladon (or giant shark) and others — to find the killer and bring them to justice. It’s all there in Footprints, a new black & white comic book series from 215 Ink. It’s written by Joey Esposito (the comic book editor for IGN Publishing) and illustrated by Jonathan Moore (FUBAR). Alternative Magazine On Line has an extended preview of the comic up on their web site.

image c. 2011 Jonathan Moore

Big Simians Save the World

Missing Linx is a brand new softcover full-color graphic novel coming from Viper Comics this April. It’s written by Dale Martin and illustrated by Courtney Huddleston. Here’s their description: “Dr. Erasmus Q Bedfellow is bent on releasing the creatures of the Fantasy Realm into our dimension, using the creatures of nightmares to rule the world.  Only one thing stands in his way:  An unlikely group of heroes – the result of Bedfellow’s last attempt to breach the border between realities. They are Big Foot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, and the Yeti.”  Viper Comic’s web site has a preview of the graphic novel, as well as a link to a comic book “trailer” for the project on YouTube.