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Where the Wild Things Are

A brand new, more-detailed trailer for the long-awaited film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are is up on the Internet in several locations. The film version of Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book is being directed by Spike Jonze — who, it turns out, has been filming this since 2005. The release date has been pushed back several times, and now sits at October of this year. Of course, the big question on every furry fan’s mind is: How are the monsters? Interestingly, unlike the typical Hollywood thing these days, the studio (Warner Brothers) is not being coy about their design — they’re all there in plain sight in the trailer, cavorting in all their glory. The creatures were created by the Jim Henson Company, and feature CGI morphing faces.

Check out the trailer at the following locations:–N9klJXbjQ&feature=channel_page