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New Comic Title from Blotch!

I think I’ll let Blotch themselves explain this one…

Across Thin Ice is the first book of the Nordguard Trilogy. In short: It is a fully painted, color graphic novel, with each book coming in around 90 pages. Sofawolf Press will be publishing it and we’re looking at a release date of summer 2010.

The story is set in the north-eastern arctic in the year of 1903 and follows the trail of Pi and her team of sled-dogs. The northland is an untamed and cruel country, ruled by the winter and populated by scattered tribes and half starved strays. But now, at the turn of the 20th century, it is civilization’s last frontier and must be won. In this time of dauntless enterprise, exploration and intrepid spirits, thousands travel north to seek their own manifest destiny in the land of the midnight sun. The Nodguard is an elite company of dogs formed for search, rescue and exploration in the arctic regions of the White Land. Charged with cutting trails, carrying mail and recovering lost travelers, their dangerous job is never done. When a distress call comes over the wire in the late autumn, Pi and the team are called into swift action. With tensions between the three great nations rising in the northland, the team quickly finds themselves in deeper trouble than usual. Traveling in the company of an arrogant military officer and a green field surgeon, pursued by relentless hunters and pushed into the grip of a much larger conspiracy, their survival rides on very thin ice.

Arctic adventure, collies, huskies, Smith & Wessons, snow, caribou, tigers, wolverines, mines, glaciers, walrus, lumberjacks, sleds, canned fish, dynamite, barometers, bears and boars–what more is there! Well, a lot, but you’ll have to check out the Nordguard Website for more:
But wait, want Free Stuff? Well, my friend, don’t fret. The folks at Sofawolf will be giving away, 100% free, no purchase necessary 18×24 posters of the Nordguard promo picture, here! When, you say? At their Sofawolf Dealer’s Island at AnthroCon this July! It’ll be first come, first serve while supplies last, so don’t miss out!”

You heard them!  Check out the previews this summer, and look for the first book in 2010. And of course, keep your eyes on Sofawolf Press ( for lots more cool anthropomorphic publications.