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Cute, Dangerous Toys…

Rocket World is a creative and artistic collective founded in 2001 by Patrick York Ma. We noticed this on their web site: “One of the featured properties at Rocket World is the I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo.  Conceived in Patrick’s sketch book on a Xmas day flight to London in 2000; the I.W.G. are a feisty and rebellious underground group of self-aware animals who were given sentience by a group of mysterious alien beings.  The I.W.G. have organized and taken up arms to fight against any humans that have killed, exploited their kind and/or polluted their habitats. As the I.W.G. adapt to their new-found intelligence, they often struggle with the same temptations and failings of their enemies. The I.W.G. are cute yet decidedly deadly, and their narrative can be described as Che meets Animal Farm with a dash of pulp science fiction thrown in for good measure.” Goodness. A whole line of I.W.G. toys, t-shirts, prints, and other cool stuff can be found at

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