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The Last of the Polar Bears

Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges, creators of Draw Furries, are currently working on a new graphic novel, The Last of the Polar Bears. According to Jared, “It’s one part fable, one part coming-of-age adventure epic. The story takes place in the near future, told through the perspective of a mother polar bear and her two cubs as they struggle to survive in a rapidly changing world. Work on this project started back in March 2009, almost immediately after we finished up Draw Furries. It’s only now (almost a year later) that we are at the point where we can share our story with the public. While the developmental work is finished, the long grueling task of drawing the comic is just beginning. Around the first of the year, Lindsay started roughing out the first chapter of the tale. And although the finished book is still a long way off, we want to start getting the word out about this new story. As part of our efforts, we put together a promotional postcard featuring Lindsay’s art of the polar bear family. Here’s the link to sign up for one! Just enter an address on the form and hit the send button to received the card in the mail. I have a stack of 500 of these postcards and I want to give every one of them out to people, so please participate!” Meanwhile, we at In-Fur-Nation will keep you informed when we hear word of a release date for the new graphic novel.