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New, Upcoming Graphic Novel

The furry artist known as Touch My Badger is working on a new anthropomorphic story.  Here’s how she describes it on the web site:  “Peachy-Keen is a new graphic novel, set in sunny California in 1955. Clover and Logainne are about to graduate high school and can’t be more excited to get on with their lives. When Clover misspeaks and gives the impression that she is asking Logainne to the year-end dance, word spreads like wildfire that Clover and Logainne are… more than just friends. Quite the scandal rocks the 1955 graduating class, and Clover and Logainne are in hot water. Will the girls be able to graduate with their friendship and permanent record in tact? Will Clover and Logainne’s friendship ever be the same again?” As you can see from the picture, Clover is a deer and Logainne is a sea otter — not a commonly-seen species in furry stories. No word yet on a planned publication date, but stay tooned here for more details — as we get them, we’ll pass them along!

Image c. 2010 Touch My Badger