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When the Beast Became Furry

Dedicated Marvel Comics readers (and at this point,  historians!) might remember that there was a time before Dr. Hank McCoy, known to his fellow X-Men as “The Beast”, was blue… and furry. Once he became both of those (but not yet lion-faced… long story), he left the X-Men to seek membership in the Avengers… and now, Marvel has collected those first Avengers issues featuring our newly blue and furry friend in a new hardcover book Avengers: The Coming of the Beast. It brings together Avengers issues 137 – 140 and 145 – 146 from the 1960’s, scripted by Steve Englehart and Tony Isabella, with original full-color art by George Tuska, Don Heck, and Keith Pollard. Two variant covers are available, with art by John Romita and Gil Kane.

image c. Marvel Comics