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The Origin of Fish’n’Chips

Steve Hamaker (best known as the colorist for some issues of the comic Bone) created a rather strange superhero comic known as Fish ‘n’ Chips. Now Cartoon Books brings together the first issues in a full-color trade paperback, Fish ‘n’ Chips Volume 1. Here’s how they describe it: “Solomon City is under attack by vampyres, and the only people willing to stand in their way are a telekinetic goldfish with a robotic body and a lightning-charged cat! Don’t miss the origin story of the superhero team of Jaxer ‘Fish’ and Clave ‘Chips’! Exclusive pin-up gallery features new works by James Kochalka, Alex Robinson, Andy Runton, David Petersen, and Kazu Kibuishi.” The graphic novel is available now on Steve Hamaker’s web site.