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New Adventures of Bone

Bone: Legacy is a new trilogy of illustrated fantasy novels set in the universe of Jeff Smith’s award-winning Bone comic book series. The first novel, Quest for the Spark by Tom Sniegoski, is being released by Graphix this coming February. It’s illustrated by Jeff Smith himself, too. The story goes like this: “Twelve-year-old Tom Elm is just an ordinary turnip farmer from the Valley, but he’s always felt destined for something bigger. So when he discovers everyone in his village is asleep and plagued by nightmares, he assembles a band of unlikely heroes. They must fight to preserve the Spark — a divine light born at the core of a vast, dark nothingness called the Nacht.” That band of heroes includes new members of the Bone folk, young rat-creatures, and Roderick the Raccoon, among other popular Bone characters.