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Brer Warrior Returns

A creative outfit known as Graffiti on the Sun sent us a press release: “Graffiti On The Sun returns with its long-awaited second issue of the comic book series Brer Warrior. Not only does the hopping hot comic series return after a hiatus, it returns at the low price of $1.99. In the second issue of Brer Warrior (the [black & white] comic series that’s loosely based on the folktale character Brer Rabbit with kung-fu packed, sci-fi seasoned, urban twist), Brer returns to his childhood home to restart his kung-fu training. But well his fellow student and former friend Ebunny let him, or will something from his past prevent her from doing so?

Brer Warrior issue 2 can be purchased at Indyplanet. For more info about Brer Warrior and Graffiti on the Sun, check out our main site.”

image c. 2011 Graffiti on the Sun