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Battle of the Superhero Sidekicks

Four would-be super-pets battle for supremacy in Sidekicks, a new full-color graphic novel written and illustrated by Southern California artist Dan Santat. From “Captain Amazing, superhero and savior of Metro City, is getting old. He’s out all hours battling arch-villains, catching thieves, and helping little old ladies cross the street. He doesn’t even have time for his house full of pets. He needs – a sidekick! Captain Amazing’s four pets agree. But each one of them thinks he should get the sidekick spot – and a chance for one-on-one time with the Captain. Get ready for sibling rivalry royale as pets with superpowers duke it out for the one thing they all want: A super family.” Sidekicks is coming your way in early July, from Graphix and Arthur A. Levine Books.


image c. 2011 Dan Santat