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Bubbles & Gondola

More from Europe, this time from France. We really don’t know how to summarize this; even the title doesn’t exactly make sense. Probably better to let the publisher describe this new full-color hardcover graphic novel by artist and writer Renaud Dillies. Here’s what NBM Publishing put up on Amazon regarding Bubbles & Gondola: “Poetry, fantasy, and Django Reinhardt are woven into a fairy tale about solitude and awakening the creative spirit in this graphic novel. Charlie is a mouse who enjoys his solitude, staying up late nights indoors to listen to records and play his guitar; he experiences the outside world only through the windows of his house. As Charlie begins to stumble with writer’s block, a bluebird named Mr. Solitude arrives to encourage Charlie to search for inspiration outside of himself and his home. Told with a melancholic and heart-warming lyricism, this tender story combines pithy observations with whimsical illustrations to create a simple yet poignant tale for readers young and old.” The book is scheduled for release on October 1st.


image c. 2011 NBM Publishing