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Werewolf Monks

Some reviews just nicely write themselves. Like this one for Luna: Order of the Werewolf, coming this October (of course) from Famous Monsters of Filmland (which is now publishing comic books!): “Relentlessly hunted through the years and finally threatened with extinction, Brother Andres gathers the species of werewolf to take sanctuary in a monastery called Luna. High on the snow-capped mountains of South America these werewolf monks live a daily life of struggle away from the temptations of the hunt and relentless persecutions, until a mountain expedition stumbles onto the very rock Luna rests upon. The fragile balance Andres and the monks have constructed is about to explode!” This 4-issue mini-series is written by Mark L. Miller and Martin Fisher, with full-color illustration by Tim Hope. Here’s more about it from Westfield Comics.

image c. 2011 Famous Monsters of Filmland