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Apes Not Want War

While we’re waiting for the new Planet of the Apes movie in 2024, Marvel Comics has one of the first tie-in comic series for the latest version of the famous movie franchise. Planet of the Apes (imaginative title) recently hit the shelves, written by David F. Walker (Luke Cage) and illustrated by Dave Wachter (Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon). “The ALZ-113 virus has rampaged across planet Earth, and humanity is crumbling. While well-meaning researchers hunt for a cure, a fanatical group of humans has their own solution: Kill all apes. Peacekeeper Juliana Tobon is one of the few willing to stand against them, but the crisis is spreading, and soon apes will witness the true depths of human cruelty.” Ook.

image c. 2023 Marvel Comics