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Finding His Own Kind. Maybe.

Back from MidWest FurFest, and of course we have a lot to talk about! One person we met was Daniel Becker, an author with a brand-new self-published anthropomorphic science fiction series to his credit. The first book in Daniel’s American Feral series is called Imprint. “Waking up drugged, confused, and blindfolded, a human teenager named Ghent Sparrow is kidnapped by Primes: Half-animal half-human hybrids created by the military. They suspect Ghent of being a Prime himself. Brought to the Prime capital Kingdom, Ghent is offered a chance to represent humanity as the first human soldier in the Prime army. Knowing there may be no world for him back in the United States as a hybrid, Ghent accepts the offer and is initiated into the Prime Liberation Force. He must battle the rigorous training from his wolf commander, being threatened by Evolutionaries (who seek to exterminate humanity), and learn his place in society as the bottom of the food chain… which makes him question his humanity in a world of beasts.” Book two in the series, Identity, is also available.

image c. 2023 by Daniel Becker