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Adults Only

Adrift, But Not Alone

Another author we met at at MFF goes by the name of Utunu. Their book is an adult-themed adventure called Rafts. “Kunet, a young human pearl-diver from a small coastal fishing village, seeks to prove himself. Yet when the gods of sea and sky clash, it wreaks havoc on those caught between. In the wake of catastrophe, he finds himself adrift with an unexpected companion. Torn from their homes and everything they once knew, two strangers must now work together to survive, even as an unlikely relationship blossoms between them.” You can see from the cover just what sort of thing that companion actually is! The illustrated novel is available now at their web site.

image c. 2023 by Utunu

Ceiling Cat Strikes Again?

It’s no secret that Japanese manga often find the most interesting and unusual angles to take for their erotic stories. Such is probably the case with Cat in a Hot Girls’ Dorm (what a title!), a new black & white series written and illustrated by Haruki. “Follow the everyday lives of ten horny residents of a woman’s dorm – from the point of view of the feisty cat, Tama-san. The ladies find him as a stray, and soon Tama is sticking his nose in everyone’s business: What do these girls do when they’re alone, or with each other? Who’s dating who? The cat sees all, from out of the streets to between the sheets!” See what we mean? Issues are available now from Seven Seas Entertainment.

image c. 2022 Seven Seas Entertainment

Proudly… a dog!

Happy Pride Month! Gab Shiba is a humorous slice-of-life on-line comic (decidedly Adults Only at times, but not always) that we came across at BLFC this year. It’s written by Cross and illustrated in a manga-style by Zurdo. On their web site, they say this: “It’s a furry openly gay webcomic that tells the story of 3 dogs and their friends, being GAB (The Protagonist), a cute shiba inu, lover of hot guys and sweet moments; and his roomies, WANG, a geek Chow Chow who is a programmer; and BAU, a Husky very musky. They live in the big city, where we show their misadventures and weird experiences, where we all can relate.” Interestingly, the comic is mostly dialogue-free, so it’s readable most anywhere in the world. They have tie-in merchandise they’ve been selling at conventions, and their on-line store is set to open soon.

image c. 2019

Look Out! Duck!

Bobby London was a member of the infamous Air Pirates collective — a group of underground cartoonists who got together in the late 1960’s to spoof American suburbia and conformity… choosing Disney animation and comics as a symbolic target for their satire. (The Walt Disney Company rewarded them with a lawsuit for their efforts.) Mr. London’s contribution to the project was Dirty Duck, the adventures of a *ahem* foul-mouthed anthropomorphic duck and his put-upon funny animal butler, Weevil. Most of there adventures seemed to involve lots of naked human women… Perhaps why the comic eventually found its way onto the pages of Playboy for many years. Now, IDW/Top Shelf have gathered together more than 300 pages of original full-color Dirty Duck comics into a new hardcover collection. Take a look at their web page to find out more.

image c. 2016

image c. 2016



Be Careful What You Wish For…

We recently stumbled across the works of Celeste M. Bath and Rael Bayellis. They’ve both worked on several stories of adult fantasy adventure (emphasis on adult), several of which fall into the “furry” category, and now they’ve begun to collaborate as well. One of there most recent works is Randi: A Shadowcats Story.  Here’s the plot: “Randall was a very ambitious and powerful combat mage. When he found out about the Shadowcats he hatched a plan to make himself more powerful.  Unfortunately for him it didn’t work.  After having his brains scrambled and then his body changed after almost being killed, Randall is now Randi and owned by one of the more powerful Shadowcats in the Kingdom. Randi finds she enjoys life mated to the big sexy beast, and while she is now the most powerful mage in the Kingdom and both her and her mate are involved in Royal politics and intrigue, she finds her ambitions have changed…” The novel is available as an e-book, both at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

image c. 2013 Celeste M. Bath & Rael Bayellis

Gargoyles for Grown-Ups…

Blue Mug Productions is another new group of Disney Gargoyles fans who have become creators. The group — Edmund Tsabard, Mara Cordova, Kalia Sartre, Jennifer L. Anderson, and Boswell Bosley — are in their own words “a handful of creative types with one thing in common: We all really like to see drawings of naked people (using the term “people” loosely) having all kinds of sex”. Brought about with the blessing of Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman, the premier Blue Mug creation is Last Tengu in Paris, an adults-only web comic. It features the story of a beautiful young Parisian artist who falls in love with a creature from feudal Japan. But that, of course, is only the beginning of this multi-generational, multi-national, multi-orientational, and multi-species tale. The first story arc is complete, the second nears completion, and “issues” three and four are in the planning stages.

Visitors to the Blue Mug web site can check out the first eight pages of Last Tengu — censored. Members — who join for a modest fee — can view the full comic un-censored, as well as the ever-growing gallery of fan art. Blue Mug is also planning a full line of t-shirts and other products — including, of course, coffee mugs.

Your Hostess

Your Hostess

Stoners and their Cats… or vice versa

Fat Freddy’s Cat began his life as an extra the that popular underground comic book, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Soon, though, his popularity grew until he had his own comic title, also written and drawn by FFFB-creator Gilbert Shelton. Now Knockabout Comics brings us the Fat Freddy’s Cat Omnibus in trade paperback. Watch as the big stoner boy’s cat fights the never-ending army of roaches bent on world domination, travels through Mexico, saves the Earth from an alien invasion, and works as a government agent to save the world from the “Hee Hee Hee” drug. Nearly all of the Fat Freddy’s Cat adventures are collected in this softcover book that’s nearly 400 pages.

Zillford’s Comics and More

The artist known as Zillford has two new (very-) adult-themed furry comics avilable at his web site. Altruistic Complex is a violent tale of a dark future where a dangerous new technology is threatening to take over the minds and souls of the entire world — and one plucky raccoon lady is determined to stop it, even if she has to join it to do so! Meanwhile, Krista Claret is an adults-only comic about a mouse who is… a different sort of plucky lady. “There’s a race to be won and Krista aims to make it hers! She’s not above cheating, but what happens when it lands her smack on top of another rule-bender?
Krista Claret is one frisky mouse on a life-long quest for the answer to life. Either that, or a good time and some horny guys!” The first issues of each comic are available on the web site, along with a special full-color Krista Claret poster.

Burning Wild

Another hot animal-themed erotic romance novel… Burning Wild by Christine Feehan (out now in paperback, from Jove) tells the story of Jake Bannacotti. One of the world’s richest and most ruthless men, Jake also has the ability to shape-shift into a leopard. He is feared by all who know him… until the day when he rescues a young woman named Emma from a firey car crash.  Taking her to his secluded ranch to heal, he soon finds himself falling prey to passions that his instincts as a hunter have not prepared him for…