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Zillford’s Comics and More

The artist known as Zillford has two new (very-) adult-themed furry comics avilable at his web site. Altruistic Complex is a violent tale of a dark future where a dangerous new technology is threatening to take over the minds and souls of the entire world — and one plucky raccoon lady is determined to stop it, even if she has to join it to do so! Meanwhile, Krista Claret is an adults-only comic about a mouse who is… a different sort of plucky lady. “There’s a race to be won and Krista aims to make it hers! She’s not above cheating, but what happens when it lands her smack on top of another rule-bender?
Krista Claret is one frisky mouse on a life-long quest for the answer to life. Either that, or a good time and some horny guys!” The first issues of each comic are available on the web site, along with a special full-color Krista Claret poster.