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Dressing Up from Head to Toe

Fresh back from Midwest FurFest, and oh, we have so much to tell you about! Things like Chaos Costumes — created by Blair Ondrla. She specializes in the manufacture of cloven-hooved footwear (learn what it’s really like to be digitigrade!) and head-wear like horns and antlers. And more! They have much on sale at their on-line store, and even more at their Etsy shop. Their web site even includes a selection of videos showing their products in use.

image c. 2022 Chaos Costumes

Fur-Suits 4U

As usual with larger furry fan conventions, at Further Confusion there was a good selection of fur-suit makers showing off their works and looking for new commissions. Among them was an artist named Rachel Converse, who operates a shop called Dragon Soup. She puts it this way: “Dragon Soup is a California-based fur-suit studio owned and operated by Rachel Converse. Rachel earned a BFA in Craft from Virginia Commonwealth University with a focus in textiles. She has been making costumes for over 10 years and started making fur-suits in 2012.” And she works well in a variety of materials.  (Advice for fur-suit makers: Want to wind up advertised on sites like this one? Have your own web site!)

image c. 2018 by Rachel Converse

Dinosaurs Rock… for Kids!

Our wonderful, wonderful weird world…

They’re a musical band called Hevisaurus. They’re a heavy metal band for children (wrap your brain around THAT concept for a moment) that is creating quite a stir in Finland. Why? Because live on stage and in their videos the band’s members dress up in full-body dinosaur costumes! And the kids have been eating it all up. Their first album Jurahevin Kuninkaat is a certified hit in Scandinavia, and several of the band’s videos (like this one and that one) are getting a lot of views on YouTube. One thing there is not a lot of (yet) is background information on the band, other than the fact that members of several well-known heavy metal acts (including Dio and Sonata Artica) play in the group. But who conceived this? And who designed and built the costumes? Inquiring furry fans want to know! Interestingly, it seems that the actors inside the costumes really ARE musicians and really DO play their instruments, at least live in concert. If you can navigate your way through the Finnish, you can check out their web site and MySpace page.

Hevisaurus pose!

Hevisaurus pose!

Hevisaurus rock!

Hevisaurus rock!

Primal Visions Design Studio

Once again, their web site says it best: “Primal Visions Design Studios specializes in high performance creature costumes and effects, with an emphasis on naturalistic animals. We make fine animal and creature masks, costumes and effects for stage, film, television, tradeshows and the occasional well-to-do eccentric.” They also make costume and weapon accessories for their fur-suit creations, and they have created a line of post cards and even calendar projects to help advertise what they do. Their gallery at is extensive, so check out what they’ve done.